Monday, April 20, 2009

"Those CVWMA trucks go straight to the landfill with all that recycling!"

Have you heard that rumor? Wondered if it could be true? Because I have. But I was lucky enough to go on a tour of the TFC Recycling Facility off of Route 10 on Chester just last week. And let me tell you, it was loud, it was smelly, and boy, were they getting some recycling done!

This video does a better job than I ever could of explaining the process. But I did learn some interesting facts. TFC collects recycling from 247,000 households every other week. Their drivers are paid by the ton, which makes them happy on rainy days and also ensures that they collect as much recycling as they possibly can! They can only recycle narrow necked plastics with a 1 or 2, no fruit containers! And TFC is in the business to make money, so they are keeping their eyes on commodity prices, sending their aluminum to Kentucky and newspaper to Georgia and cardboard to China, where they get the most $$, that is where they send it.

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